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Avoid ticketing and measurement errors in your airport fueling operations

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 2, 2017 7:20:00 AM / by Veeder-Root


Many airport fueling operations can benefit from the elimination of human error that comes with the traditional manual ticketing process where fuel transactions take place. By installing Veeder-Root’s EMR3 electronic meter registers, Datalink wireless data capture solution, and TLS-450PLUS automatic tank gauges, fixed-base operators (FBO’s) can more efficiently manage custody transfers and inventory reconciliation.

The Datalink software solution works by pulling encrypted transaction data in real time, straight from the meter register and into your back office, where it can be viewed securely within a locally hosted database. Datalink sends transaction data from the meter register to the server directly, without the need for a prompt, giving you better data going into the back office more frequently.

Datalink’s fully automated wireless solution eliminates lost, missing, and incorrectly transposed tickets that arise from manual ticketing processes and allows you to redistribute manpower formerly spent on ticketing to more productive operating areas of your business. This customizable solution can create reports by date, time, customer, or even driver and vehicle, among dozens of other options. Datalink’s customization options extend beyond automated reports. Developed from the direct input of major oil companies, Datalink can be customized to fit your business needs. With no recurring fees for use, Datalink is an investment in technology that can modernize your business’s reconciliation processes and increase manpower efficiencies.

Not only do EMR3 registers and Datalink manage fuel for all general aviation and commercial fueling vehicles, they can also be installed with TMS-6000 terminal automation software and third party meters to manage the on-site fuel farm. To help organize the deliveries and add security, each driver is issued a PIN for access to fueling jet trucks.

The Mag-FLEX Tall Tank monitoring solution can be paired with a Veeder-Root TLS-450PLUS automatic tank gauge to create a powerful, affordable inventory management system for aboveground storage tanks. This solution delivers accurate reconciliation of your most expensive on-site assets without you having to scale formidable heights to determine inventory levels. Inventory, alarm, or compliance data can be accessed remotely, either by accessing the TLS-450PLUS directly, or by viewing your network of automatic tank gauges through Insite360 FuelQuest.

Incorporating EMR3, Datalink, and the TLS-450PLUS into your airport fueling operations allows Veeder-Root products to track every single drop of fuel from the terminal to the airport, eliminating ticketing and measurement errors.

Veeder-Root Solutions for airport fueling operations

Download the Airport Fueling Operations diagram here.


Topics: EMR3, ATG, Datalink, Bulk Fueling


Written by Veeder-Root