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Eliminating Costly Fuel Losses for a Bulk Fueler

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 15, 2017 6:01:00 AM / by Veeder-Root


Evans Oil was experiencing annual product losses of an estimated 100,000 gallons, with no understanding of where the fuel losses were occurring, or how to stop them.

Evans Oil was a large fuel supplier throughout southwest Florida. Their fleet included 25 metered bulk fueling trucks, 50 gravity drop transport trucks, and a bulk plant with 26 fuel tanks, 13 loading arms, and four fixed fuel diesel meters with a daily throughput of roughly 80,000 gallons. All the meters at the fuel farm and on the fuel trucks were equipped with aging mechanical registers, and there was no valve control or pump control on any of the equipment to control or see who was operating the equipment. Additionally, Evans Oil had an unreliable tank gauging technology installed on the tanks to monitor tank level.


Evans Oil was experiencing annual product losses of an estimated 100,000 gallons, with no understanding of where the fuel were occurring, or how to stop them. The oil supplier attempted to resolve their shrink issues by installing gate control for the bulk plant, cameras, and hired a security staff at an approximate cost of $250,000, but did not experience any change in shrink at all.


Evans Oil learned about using the Veeder-Root Electronic Meter Register System and Datalink and made the decision EMR4 grouping #2 lo resto upgrade all mechanical registers on the fuel trucks to wirelessly and automatically track deliveries. At the same time, using the EMR system, the customer installed new valves and implemented automated valve and pump control, and pin access control to ensure only authorized and trained operators could use the equipment.

Next, the customer replaced the older tank monitoring technology with Veeder-Root’s tank level system (TLS), and 26 tank probes (Mag Flex for tall tanks, and Mag Plus for standard tanks). This enhancement was driven by the ability to link tank level information into Datalink, providing a single portal for managing and reconciling transactions and inventory.

Benefits of updating to EMR + Datalink and tank gauge systems:

• Eliminated hand written, lost, missing and/or miswritten fuel tickets with wireless data capture

• Pin access gave direct visibility and tight control over who can access fuel and restricted unauthorized use at the rack and on the trucks

• Automated previously manual processes with electronic pump and valve control

• Remote web access insured that all key personnel had access to meter and tank inventory data on a real-time basis, anywhere in the world

• Upgrades to system allowed for daily, automated reconciliation of fuel sales and inventory

Estimated ROI:

• 3 months for EMR + DataLink upgrades with valves

• 12 months for the entire project

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Watch: EMR - Fueling Automation For Bulk Fuelers:


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Written by Veeder-Root