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Gain immediate access to your fuel site status with Veeder-Root’s new mobile app, The PLUS VIEW

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 24, 2017 1:54:45 PM / by Veeder-Root


Veeder-Root has released The PLUS VIEW, a new mobile application for Android and iOS [Apple] based phones and tablets. This free application connects to your TLS-450PLUS, TLS4i, TLS4c, and TLS-450 automatic tank gauges to give you quick access to inventory, compliance, and alarm information.

The application makes the details of each connected station's tanks available at any time, including: volume, ullage, water height, fuel height, tank status, siphon set designation and whether a delivery is in-progress. Three reports are available for each station, Active Alarms, Current Inventory and Last Delivery. The PLUS VIEW application also includes a map view with push-pin identification for each station. Selecting a pin provides station details and holding a pin will switch to that stations Overview page.

The PLUS VIEW is a useful tool for many employees throughout your organization; on-site personnel, station owners or managers, and delivery drivers.

  • Site Personnel: The station manager can now quickly get an overview of the stations operations, and quickly see any alarms that may occur. After a delivery, they can check inventory levels without running to the backroom to check the gauge.
  • Station Owners/Managers: Owners and managers responsible for fuel orders can quickly check inventory levels from home, giving them instant access to the sites inventory status. Using The PLUS VIEW, they can also confirm the last delivery at the station or view the latest compliance test.
  • Delivery Personnel: Using The PLUS VIEW, a driver in your network can determine which tanks need fuel before they arrive on-site.

The PLUS VIEW replaces Veeder-Roots previous application and includes a modern interface and enhanced performance over the previous application. 


Users of the TLS-450PLUS, TLS4i, TLS4c, and TLS-450 automatic tank gauges who are looking to remotely configure their gauges can use the web-enabled function, which is also free.

The PLUS VIEW connects directly to each gauge individually, users who would like to review each site, and an aggregated network view and network reporting, should connect using Insite360 Visibility or other Insite360 Solutions.

Please contact us to discuss options for remote connectivity.

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Written by Veeder-Root