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Insite360 FuelQuest Responds to Colonial Pipeline Leak

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 27, 2016 4:30:00 PM / by Veeder-Root


The Insite360 FuelQuest managed services team has been working around the clock, 24/7 to support customers affected by the Colonial pipeline leak, which spilled between 6,000 and 8,000 barrels of fuel in Alabama earlier in September, prompting severe gas shortages in some southeastern states including Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

Logistically, Veeder-Root’s Insite360 FuelQuest service is helping customers identify alternative sources of fuel for immediate delivery, as well as advising them on long-term supply options so that they can be prepared for crisis situations like these in the future. Customers with these managed services have already had their network risk assessed in the scope of the available supplier networks, giving them a strong advantage in a growing queue to receive emergency fuel deliveries.

Insite360 FuelQuest is also leveraging its inventory polling and forecasting tools to order fuel when necessary and based on priority. On the financial reconciliation end, the team has been working to make sure there is no break in standard work, confirming that supplier invoices match quoted or contracted prices and that no price gouging tactics are going on during the shortage.

“This is one of the biggest supply disruptions we’ve seen in quite some time,” said Ryan Mossman, senior director of Fuel Services at Veeder-Root. “The Colonial pipeline is a major artery between the Gulf Coast and the East Coast.”

“Having Insite360 FuelQuest managed services in place allows 24/7/365 crisis management,” Mossman added. “Given the strategic way we manage our customers, the foundations of these plans are in place long before an emergency event happens and are refreshed annually.”

The Insite360 FuelQuest team is seasoned in disaster recovery, having achieved 98% up time during Hurricane Sandy in 2012 when the rest of the area was closer to 20%. At one site, managed services allowed the Fort Hamilton command center to become a recovery center in its area, fueling dozens of government and other emergency response vehicles to deliver aid to the New York area.

Insite360’s benefits extend beyond services, though. While managed services are the easiest way for fuel retailers to keep their composure during fuel shortages, Insite360’s “do-it-yourself” fuel management software solutions allow retailers an in-house option for surviving fuel crises. The Insite360 FuelQuest team has been busy continuing to support these customers using best practices for Insite360 software tools such as inventory forecasting and reconciliation. Additionally, the team has been coaching and advising customers as to how to configure their software to implement new suppliers if they were not already set up with backup supplies in situations like this.

One customer that recently adopted Insite360’s Visibility software worked with the Insite360 team to understand their inventory in real time by increasing their inventory polling from every 4 hours to hourly to keep up with the rapid demand accompanying the current fuel shortage.

Looking Forward

Fuel crises like the Colonial pipeline leak happen without warning. Spare yourself the headache of sourcing your own emergency fuel suppliers and managing a rapidly changing inventory by investing in Insite360 FuelQuest’s Logistics and Financial Managed Services.

Click here to request more information and prepare your business for emergency situations.

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Written by Veeder-Root