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Meet the EPA Overfill Device Regulations with the Veeder-Root Overfill Alarm

[fa icon="calendar"] May 27, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by Veeder-Root


On July 15, 2015, the US EPA finalized changes to the 1988 Underground Storage Tank (UST) regulation in 40 CFR part 280 and 281. Included in these changes are modifications to permitted overfill protection devices which impacted new and repaired equipment installations starting on October 13, 2015. Additionally, the EPA has added periodic operation and maintenance requirements for overfill prevention equipment to help ensure the equipment is operating properly and will activate before a UST is overfilled.

A Veeder-Root TLS Overfill Alarm in conjunction with a Veeder-Root Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) is a popular solution for overfill protection that will continue to be the standard for EPA UST compliance with these revised regulations.Alarm_Image.png

There are several advantages to consider in using a TLS Overfill Alarm:

  • A TLS Overfill Alarm may be used as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with flapper valves installed in the drop tube of each tank. It can serve as a reliable backup protection in case a flapper valve is damaged, worn or defeated.
  • Because a TLS Overfill Alarm relies only on the inventory level of the fluid to work, it is not susceptible to failures from tank tightness or pressure. The TLS Overfill Alarm may be used with tanks that receive pumped or gravity deliveries and with tight-fill or loose-fill connections.
  • One TLS Overfill Alarm can alert for all tanks on site, making this the most economical solution to meet the regulations.
  • Demonstration of functionality for periodic testing is easy, requiring only the removal of the inventory probe and sliding the float to the level where an overfill is expected. As probes are serviceable parts, their removal for overfill testing requires no replacement parts.

Overfill prevention is required for every UST filled with more than 25 gallons of product at one time. Including a TLS Overfill Alarm as part of your site architecture is an essential element for both new and existing installations as part of a cohesive overfill mitigation plan. Either used alone or paired with an automatic shutoff device, the audible and visual alert the overfill alarm is an essential tool for the prevention of tank overfills.

Read our white paper for more information - The 2015 Revised UST Regulation is Changing the Way Overfill Protection is Achieved

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Written by Veeder-Root