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Meet the Red Jacket Expert: Ryan Webb

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Veeder-Root


Red Jacket pumping systems not only offer industry-leading quality and service, but we pride ourselves on the innovative expertise and dedication of the engineers on the Red Jacket team. In a new series, we will be interviewing some of the Red Jacket experts to get some insights into their backgrounds and the unique projects they work with customers on each day.

Ryan Webb is a Product Application Engineer for Veeder-Root, specializing in the Red Jacket line of submersible turbine pumps and control boxes. In his own words, "I bridge the gap between the Red Jacket Product Engineering and Customer application support to ensure Red Jacket Products are fitting the ever-changing needs of not only the retail space, but also the engineered solution commercial and industrial segments of our business." 

Ryan joined Veeder-Root in 2016 with a background in manufacturing and aerospace defense project engineering.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I really enjoy all the biking, hiking, fishing, and skiing New England has to offer with my wife and daughters. I’ve also enjoyed DIY projects such as an alternate heating system install, custom rainwater collection with lawn irrigation, and learning to weld in auto repair panels.

I would say most of all I enjoy teaching my daughters about science and technology through DIY projects like customizing power wheels, fixing their toys, teaching them about cars and woodworking projects, launching model rockets, dropping Mentos in cola bottles, etc. I strongly believe that by providing our children with a large sandbox to play in today they will learn to think outside the digital world that has become so encompassing to the youngest generation and innovate new ways to solve tomorrow’s problems with science and technology.


What made you decide to join Veeder-Root?

I transitioned to Veeder-Root with the intention of engaging customers to learn about the diverse array of technical problems they face that require the application of an engineered solution.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy digging into customers' technical problems that are not well understood inside our business and proposing technical solutions to fit their needs. When we do fall on a gap inside our portfolio, I really enjoy generating our next product’s requirements with our customer and bringing it back to our engineering team to determine what we can do to make sure our products are fitting the needs of all of our global customers.


What is your favorite experience you've had in the field? 

I  was recently able to advise a customer on some of the benefits of manifolding pumps together with smart controllers for a new site that elected to do so for Diesel, Regular, and Premium fuels.  I was invited to the build site to witness the installation of the manifolded pump sets and had the opportunity to gather points of view on our product and was able to walk away with an idea that could help installers save time. 

I really enjoy visiting customers and getting points of view on the current state of our products from the end user, installing contractor, distributor, and service contractor. As construction completes and the site opens I am excited to return and see the end product in action.


What is one thing you wish more customers knew about Red Jacket?

I wish more customers understood our product portfolio and where it can fit into unique niche applications.  STPs in general seem to be thought of as a commodity on the surface, but as you get into the weeds there are different models of pumps that can fit well within different applications.  Some models offer the ability to change line seating pressure, some give high flow rates at low pressure, and some give lower flow rates but much higher pressure. We have a model designed for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) that can be used with water or de-icing fluid.  We also have a multitude of niche problem-solving products in our portfolio, such as a fitting that allows manifolded pumps into a single mechanical leak detector, or a part that reduces the risk of false leak detector trips due to thermal contraction, and a mechanical leak detector design for high flow rate applications.

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Written by Veeder-Root