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Red Jacket update: Renewable biofuels certification and launch of stainless steel riser pipe

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 14, 2017 9:45:08 AM / by Veeder-Root


The Red Jacket Alcohol Gas [AG] submersible turbine pump model has received UL79A & UL79B certifications for renewable biofuels. Download the full specification sheet for The Red Jacket AG STP model.

For fueling sites dispensing fuel containing a nominal blend of more than 15% ethanol with gasoline, or more than 5% biodiesel with diesel, a Red Jacket AG model STP should be installed (AGP75S1RJx, AGP150S1RJx, X3AGP150S1RJx, and AGP200S1RJx). The AG models are built with materials compatible with Ethanol and Biodiesel blended fuels.

Red Jacket AG compatibilities.jpg

In addition to the agency listing above, all The Red Jacket UMP and STP Final model numbers including the AG prefix are designed to be compatible with 100% gasoline, 100% methanol, 90% ethanol with 10% gasoline, 80% gasoline with 20% TAME, ETBE, or MTBE; and 100% diesel, diesel and up to 100% biodiesel, avgas, and jet fuel. The Red Jacket AG models make an excellent choice for swing tanks where owners want to retain future flexibility in the type of fuel stored.

Polished Riser-blog.jpgThe Red Jacket has also launched a 4" stainless steel riser pipe for the Red Jacket STP line. The stainless steel risers help address water intrusion at the top interfaces due to accelerated corrosion of riser pipe threads in damp sumps. These stainless steel riser pipes are impervious to in-sump corrosion and are available in 7.5", 10.5", 15.5", 19.5", and 27.5" lengths.

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Written by Veeder-Root