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The new EMR4 electronic meter register makes custody transfer more accurate, secure and simple

[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 11, 2018 11:51:22 AM / by Veeder-Root posted in Trade Shows, EMR3, Datalink, Bulk Fueling, Press Release, Fuel Loss, EMR4, Fuel Custody Transfer, Electronic Meter Register, Mobile Fueling

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Veeder-Root, a leading provider of fueling equipment and services, announced today the availability of the new EMR4 electronic meter register. The EMR4 ensures that the capture and transmission of accurate transaction data related to fuel custody transfers is simple and seamless. The EMR4 can be used with Datalink to automatically communicate data to a back-end system and guarantee all transactions are logged. This reduces loss due to errors in antiquated manual paper ticketing processes where hand written tickets are frequently lost, missing, or transposed incorrectly into systems. The EMR4 also protects your assets from unauthorized access with a proprietary operating system and security settings, and can be set to require authorization prior to delivery or dispense.

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