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Do you have visibility to your network of gas stations?

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 6, 2017 9:30:00 AM / by Veeder-Root


For busy owners, operators, and managers of multiple retail fuel sites it can be difficult to get a quick picture of what’s happening onsite. While you might be able to get a status update from your employees, the discussion requires that they stop serving customers and that they know the fuel inventory or active alarm status at a given moment. A clear understanding of your fueling network's current operating status is key for making sound business decisions.

To solve this issue, Insite360 Visibility gives you remote access to your networks automatic tank gauge data so you can quickly view your fuel inventory, equipment alarms, compliance reporting, fuel deliveries and reconciliation, and flow rates. The ease and convenience of checking status at any time increases your efficiency when remotely managing the fueling operations of multiple gas stations.

Insite360 Visibility collects inventory data that tracks each site’s fuel volume by product and tank, water volume, ullage, and fuel temperature.  This allows you to set up volume thresholds for tanks to give you a heads-up when you’ve hit the reorder point. The reporting features can be used to send automated reports of your inventory readings to yourself or to supply partners. This data is always available to you and sites can be polled on demand whenever you need an update.

The alarm management features of Insite360 Visibility give you up-to-date alerts of tank gauge-generated environmental, tank management, and system status warnings and alarms. You can set Insite360 Visibility to filter alarms and automatically send notifications of key alarms across your network to up to eight different contacts of your choosing. You can also pull a summary of events by alarm category and time-period for each site and across your network to identify trends.

Insite360 Visibility remotely polls your fueling sites to collect, store and report compliance test results for each tank, line and sensor enrolled in the service. You get a record of all your passing results and identify failing sites before they become an inspection issue. 

Compliance testing results: 

  • Tank results by tank test type- ATG 0.2 gallon per hour (gph) (i.e., CSLD and annular sensor tests) 
  • Line leak detection results by line - Monthly or annual electronic line leak detection if equipped or sump sensor results, monthly or annually 
  • Status of sensor(s) not used for tank and line compliance - Dispenser pan, piping sump, interstitial and monitoring well sensors if equipped 
  • Record of inventory reconciliations for states that require specific inventory control reporting 

Across your network, Insite360 Visibility remotely polls fueling sites to report deliveries, based on the schedule you set. Consolidate delivery reports across your network to verify that deliveries match expected order volumes and times. View reports by tank and grade. Get seven-day inventory summaries that let you identify fuel consumption trends.

For fueling sites with Veeder-Root Business Inventory Reconciliation, Insite360 Visibility will remotely poll your Veeder-Root consoles and report variances daily, weekly, monthly or on a custom time-period for states requiring inventory control reporting. Automatically, you can access information needed for reconciliation—replacing manual data collection and calculation processes. 

Finally, Fuel Flow Monitoring is another key reason why station owners with Veeder-Root tank gauges choose Insite360 Visibility. It intelligently analyzes fueling transactions to identify discrepancies across fueling positions, and allows analysis of daily flow rates by grade and fueling position. You’ll get automatic alerts for high or low flow rates and other flow exception conditions. Know which nozzles are not performing before your customers tell you.

By connecting Insite360 Visibility to the automatic tank gauges across your entire network, managers can efficiently monitor fuel inventory, equipment alarms, compliance reporting, fuel deliveries and reconciliation, and flow rate data. 

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Written by Veeder-Root