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Red Jacket 2 x 2 installation allows for flexible fueling configurations

[fa icon="calendar"] May 8, 2017 11:29:47 AM / by Veeder-Root


The Red Jacket product team has put a lot of time into designing flexible pumping systems that provide the right level of flow to meet changing demand on site.

To bring this innovative work to life, we have partnered with a great contractor, Leonard Petroleum Equipment, on a new site build.  The site has 8 retail dispensers and 6 commercial dispensers that are all being fed from the same pump farm. This means that open positions on both the retail and commercial side could be drawing from the same tank at the same time.  The pump configuration needs to meet the demand of both the retail and commercial dispensers, which are pulling a widely varied gallons-per-a-minute.

The pump configuration designed for this site includes manifolding two Red Jacket 2 HP STPs together to meet the pumping capacity need. The pumps are controlled by Red Jacket IQ control boxes which stage the pumps on and off as demand needs dictate. For busy sites this also allows the site to keep pumping even when maintenance is being performed on one of the pumps. In the new iteration of the IQ control box has the capacitor within the controller instead of the STP, this means capacitor replacement can be done in the back room of the store instead of in the pump sump. 

Our flow tests demonstrated that this site supports the mix of high and standard flow dispenses simultaneously without a decline in flow.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help improve the pumping configuration to maximize capacity at your site.






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Written by Veeder-Root